Northants Golf

2017 Ladies Past Captains v Gents Past Captains match

21st June at Kettering GC

On the hottest day of the year with the Mercury hitting the 30's.

Ladies & Gents survived a really fun day at Kettering GC with the course in perfect condition.

The ball was really flying and going longer distances than normal, to the advantage of the ladies it would seem as we beat the men quite convincingly, however I would mention it is normally the men that prevail so in consequence we must savour our small triumph this year.

We finished with a lovely meal and thank Kettering for being kind hosts.  I would finish by mentioning that the gents forgot the trophy!

All was saved when Kettering provided a lovely silver cup that was presented, this caused some mirth.


BB Stableford with a gross team score

                    42 points    9.30   Jackie Rolfe(President)     John Pearson(President)  42 points

                                                 Di Murkin                         David Hill

                    46 points    9.38   Chris Gore                        Gordon Rising                  42 points

                                                Yvonne Jolly                     Chris Holden

                    42 points    9.46   Liz Wilmer                        Ken Hignet                       36 points

                                                Angela Crawley                 Derek Mankelow

                    44 points    9.54   Kathryn Stronach              John Bishton                    34 points

                                                 Vanessa Morris                 John Mumford

                    41 points   10.02  Ann Hawlins                     Eric Duckworth                40 points

                                                 Pat Bishton                       Trevor Sherrington

                    48 points   10.10  Elaine Mankelow             Chris Ellson                      42 points

                                                 Sunila Patel                      Ivan Roy

                    33 points   10.18  Suzanne Evans                 Stuart Andrews                 37 points

                                                Janet Leitch                       Ian Jolly

                    42 points   10.26  Anne Blagdon                  Chris Malton                     43 points

                                                Pat Wilson                        Jack Marr

                    40 points   10.34  Nita Pryer                        Ben Middleton                   31 points

                                                Rosemary Scott                Mike Cotton              

                  378 points                                                                                               347 points


Ladies won the Trophy

The winning ladies pair were presented with               The winning gents pair were presented with

Champagne by John Pearson                                         champagne by Jackie Rolfe

ELAINE MANKILOW                                                 CHRIS MALTON

SUNILA PATEL                                                           JACK MARR


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