Player Development in Northamptonshire supports the top level of golfers, elite or players with potential to become elite players and represent the County in our various teams (and beyond).

We run coaching sessions for our teams, mostly based around skills tests and are designed to improve performance and build team bonding. We also believe in the "home coach" principle so we try to liaise with the players home coach when our PGA professional team spot issues but we don't interfere with what the player is working on.

Specialist coaching programmes are also available and cover areas such as sports psychology, strength and conditioning, nutrition and wellbeing.

Each team has it's own dedicated PGA coach, chosen by the team Captain and it's the coaches job to bring out the best in our players. We also understand that our very best players may move onto National representation and we are proud to support all those that progress this way.

As one of the smaller Counties in the Country, we "box well above our weight" and we try very hard to make sure talent is spotted and nurtured and have good representation for Northamptonhsire at National and International level. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent in the County so if you think you are good enough or have the potential to be good enough, please get in touch with Mike Gilbrook, Player Development and Coaching Director at