Please read this document carefully as it forms an agreement between NGL 

(The County) and yourself.

The County pledges that it will support your golf development; in return you will pledge to support the County by agreeing to this charter.

The County will organise training, coaching, events, matches and competitions;

You should;

Make yourself available in the following hierarchy,

A. 1- Country

B. 2- County

C. 3- Club

D. 4- Personal

Attend coaching/matches/other events to the extent possible. 

Non-attendance must be justified.

Enter the County Championship for your category.

Demonstrate fair play, respecting differences in gender, disability, culture, race, ethnicity, age, religious beliefs.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Not engage in any irresponsible, abusive, inappropriate or illegal behaviour.

Petulance and bad temper has no place in our sport.

Be organised and on time for any event you are selected for.

Abide by County rules and golfing etiquette.

Listen to County Officials and comply with their requests.

Be willing to be and act as a squad member.

Accept NGL rules in regard to “Team Kit” reference 7 dress Code sections 7.4

7.4 The clothing supplied by the Company to any of the official county teams shall be worn only at Northamptonshire matches or events; save that items of clothing that are sponsored may be worn at any event. Northamptonshire Golf clothing should be kept clean and smart at all times.

Adhere to the NGL dress code.

Advise the person in charge of any medical conditions that may affect your playing ability.

Not to leave any event without receiving permission from the person in charge

Remember that you are an ambassador for your County and your home Club.

I agree to abide by the above Charter.

Signature of Player; ____________________________________________

Name of Player; ________________________Date; ____________________

Note if a player is under age of 18 years parent or guardian to sign below 

Signature of Parent / Guardian;__________________________________