1. Each Player who wishes to represent any NGL County Boys or Girls Teams is responsible for completing and returning their Player Availability form to the Director of Junior Golf together within a stipulated time period given by the DJG.
  2. Each Team will be managed by a nominated Team Manager and a copy of each Player’s availability form will be passed to the Manager by the Player for selection consideration.
  3. The Manager must be in receipt of the Players Availability form by the March Winter Training Session.
  4. It is the Player’s responsibility to notify the Manager in writing of any unforeseen circumstance that precludes them from consideration of Team Selection.
  5. Each NGL County Boys squad member must provide an up to date playing schedule for the season and be responsible for notifying the Team Manager and Director of Junior of Golf of any amendments that affect availability.
  6. Player Information & Performance history may be sought by the Team Manager from the NGL Handicap Administrator. NGL County Coaches and / or the NGL Director of Junior Golf.
  7. The Team Manager shall be solely responsible for selecting the Team which shall be based primarily on performance, commitment to the team, team-mates, the County, and the badge.
  8. Team selection will be published through e-mail to the player and his parent(s) by the Team Manager 28 days prior to each publicised match / tournament date.
  9. For each Team Selection the Player must reply by e-mail within ten days, to the Team Manager, confirming availability for said fixture.
  10. The selected team will be advised by e-mail fourteen days before the fixture and must confirm availability by e-mail within three days or a reserve will be selected.
  11.  Travel arrangements / details etc. will be circulated by e-mail or other appropriate medium to players and parents five days before the event.
  12.  A Player who fails to respond to a selection notice without good reason may not be considered for future fixtures.
  13. It is the Players responsibility to provide the Director of Junior Golf and the Team Manager with up to date contact information.