Gog Magog GC
29th May 2018

A much improved foursome performance this season saw Northamptonshire take a 3 ½ v 1 ½ lead in the Anglian league and 4 ½ vs 1 ½ lead in the east Midlands league.

However, an untimely injury to Jim Tricklebank meant he was unable to part in the afternoon singles matches. 

The afternoon singles matches proved to be hard fought on an excellent Wandlebury course with a strong breeze blowing and a 15 minute delay during the round due to Thunder and lightning.

This is a dual Anglian league and Midland league East fixture. The result was a draw in the Anglian league (7 ½ v 7 ½) and a 10 v 8 win in the Midland league east.

This continues our excellent start to the season with 3 wins and one draw.

Well played to all of the players

Alan Wrigley
Seniors Captain 2018.


1G Goodman & J Yuill1/2Halved1/2G Shelton & R Brown
2D Hayns & K Moore
2/11A Freeman & A Wrigley
3I Robinson & S Plumb
2up1R Butler & T Dunn
4R Setchell & B Rusted
2up1H Boylan & M Burnhope
5N Hughes & M Heron13/2
A Heslop & G Hardy

Foursomes Result (Anglian)1 1/2
3 1/2
6S Chapman & K Wright
1up1M Johnson & J Tricklebank

Foursomes Result (Midland)1 1/2
4 1/2


1D Hayns
4/31G Shelton
2J Yuill16/5
R Brown
3G Goodman
1up1A Freeman
4N Hughes
3/21R Butler
5B Rusted15/4
H Boylan
6I Robinson
1 up1A Wrigley
7M Heron15/3
T Dunn
8S Plumb1w/o
J Tricklebank (injured)
9K Moore16/5
M Burnhope
10S Setchell12/1

Singles Result (Anglian)6

Match Result (Anglian)7 1/2
7 1/2

11S Chapman
1G Hardy
12K Wright1/21/21/2M Johnson

Singles Result (Midland)6 1/2
5 1/2

Match Result (Midland)8