Northants v Derbyshire @ Wellingborough Golf Club 30th July 2018

A very tight match in somewhat cooler conditions than of late! With the course looking better for a tinge of green now.

As usual with this fixturewe had a very competitive match but also some great fun with lots of friendly banter. The morning greensomes were drawnwith 3 wins each. Sadly however, I do have to mention that the Captain's ball was lost for the 3rd successive game, and Mr Freeman is now on a verbal warning!!!!

Continuing the tight games from the morning, the afternoon 4 balls came down to the last match, where a win by Derby could have secured them a draw. However , a magnificent approach to 3ft by George Hiams secured the half and victory for the team.

Well played everyone.

Alan Wrigley Captain 2018


1A.Heslop & G.Dyson
1 up1J.Burn & G.Wheatley
2A Freeman & A Wrigley
1 up1P.Anderson & P.Longden
3G.Smart & A.Soper11 up
D.Lesser & J.Wedgewood
4J.Tricklebank & E.Dunn12&1
D.Thompson & S.Jones
5N.Brown & A.Lindsay11 up
K.Potter & D.Northin
6P.Waters & G.Hiams
J.Brooks & K.Brown

Morning Result 3

4 Ball Better Ball

1A.Heslop & G. Dyson
1 up2J.Burn & G.Wheatle
2A Freeman & A Wrigley27&5
P.Anderson & P.Longden
3G.Smart & A.Soper23&2
D.Lesser& J.Wedgewood
4J.Tricklebank & E.Dunn
2 up2D,Thompson & S.Jones
5N.Brown & A.Lindsay26&5
K.Potter & D.Northin
6P.Waters & G.Hiams1half1J.Brooks & K.Brown

Afternoon Result 7

Match Result 10