Northants Golf

Seniors Anglian/Midland League  v Lincolnshire

Woodhall Spa August 29th 2019

A sunny and breezy day on a very difficult Bracken Course proved  tough indeed! The winners of the 6-Man event at Coxmoor brought their A team to play. This was going to be a big ask, however the team fought very well indeed, with a special mention to Dennis Mathers, who won his 4 some's in the morning and singles in the afternoon. Also a well done to Brendon Moss who had already played 2 rounds in the UKSGA event on the Bracken and Hotchkin coming 5th overall.

Unfortunately  we got off to our usual poor start in the morning foursomes resulting in a 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 deficit (a repeat of L&R at Milton) which was always going to prove difficult to recover from. This resulted in a loss in East Midlands League but a draw in the Anglian League, aided by a selection error by the Lincolnshire Captain .

I feel I should highlight the staff at Woodhall who were brilliant, nothing was too much trouble and they always had a smile even when when dealing with our more "picky" players! All golf clubs could learn a lot from their customer focused approach.

That concludes our league season with Cambridgeshire repeating our double of last year (they will meet Staffs in the Midlands play-off). We managed to retain second place in the Anglian League after this result, our Midlands League effort was not so good despite a memorable victory away at Notts.

Alan Wrigley

NGL Seniors Captain 2019

Venue Woodhall Spa GC Date 29.8.2019

v Lincolnshire

Away Players Points Result Points Home Players


Aide Firman & Paul Armitage
1up 1 Paul Wharton & Simon Ostrom
Richard Brown & Greg Shelton 1/2 halved 1/2 Les Toyne & Steve Toyne
Alan Freeman & Brendon  Moss
4&3 1 Jame Lee & Jez Woodcock
Roger Butler & Alistair Heslop
1up 1 Kev Blow & Mick Upton
Dennis Mathers & Alan Wrigley 1 1up
Graham Lee & Colin Trestrail

Foursomes  Anglian score 1 1/2
3 1/2
Geoff Dyson & Ted Dunn
3&2 1 Wayne Wallace & Terry Bentley

Midland League score 1 1/2                                                                   4 1/2


Away Team Points Result Points Home Team
Aide Firman 1/2 halved 1/2 Paul Wharton
Greg Shelton
2&1 1 Les Toyne
Brendon Moss 1 4&3
Simon Ostrom
Richard Brown 1/2 halved 1/2 Steve Toyne
Alan Freeman
2up 1 James Lee
Roger Butler 1 2up
Jez Woodcock
Dennis Mathers 1 3&1
Kev Blow
Alistair Heslop
7&6 1 Mick Upton
Alan Wrigley 1 4&3
Graham Lee
Paul Armitage (1) 3&2 1* *Terry Bentley* Anglian Point reversed

Singles score Anglian 6

*Bentley was not qualified for the Anglian Match

as he played only in Midland for the Foursomes.

Midland result uneffected

Anglian Match Result 7 1/2
7 1/2
Geoff Dyson
2up 1 Wayne Wallace
Ted Dunn
6&5 1 Colin Trestrail

Single score Midland 5

Midland Match Result 6 1/2
 11 1/2

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