BACK L-R: Jensen Parfitt (Collingtree), Mark Stockdale (Overstone), Ryan Genner (Overstone), Lee Hitchcock - C (Overstone), Jamie Milligan (Kinsgthorpe), Taylor Sargeant (Overstone)

FRONT L-R: Brandon Sanders (Collingtree), Elliot Strickland (Northampton), Mark Bazeley (Northampton), Joe Hyde(Kettering)

Second Outing of the year for Northamptonshire 1st Team saw us come against one of the best counties in the area, Warwickshire. Stratford Oaks was the venue and a venue the hosts knew well as it’s the training venue for the home county. Big Thank you to the golf club for hosting. A young enthusiastic team made the journey over and were greeted with a very experinced Warwickshire team. This wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. The morning proved to be a nip and tuck session with all but one match going down the 18th and we found ourselves 3-2 down at lunch. The team was optimistic about the afternoon session as we felt we could easily grab some points and nick an away win.

Winning sessions isnt easy away from home and singles hasn’t been a strength of ours of recent years but we would soon turn that round with an amazing display of golf. It would see us take the session 5.5 -4.5 points meaning a very respectable 7.5-7.5 draw. The guys rallied deep and everyone was feeling the it after all our players had competed in the NGL Scratch Foursomes the day before. The scoreline showed the grit and determination we as a county had and proved that we can compete with the big counties. Brandon Sanders made his debut for the 1st Team also and what a great start he had winning 1.5/2 points. Great team atmosphere and morale! Lets just hope for more of this heading into a jam packed May!.

Matches Warwickshire Result Points Northamptonshire Result Points


Louis Sanders

Warren Blandon

1up 1

Joe Hyde

Elliot Strickland


Rob Bardsley

Stuart Bloxham

Half 0.5

Jensen Parfitt

Brandon Sanders

Half 0.5

Mike Dell

Rhys Lawrence

Lee Hitchcock

Taylor Sargeant

4&3 1

Ian Smith

John Banbury

Half 0.5

Mark Stockdale

Mark Bazeley

Half 0.5

Steve Creed

Gary Skipp

1up 1

Ryan Genner

Jamie Milligan




1 Louis Sanders

Brandon Sanders 2&1 1
2 Rob Bardsley

Jensen Parfitt 2&1 1
3 Warren Blandon 4&3 1 Elliot Strickland

4 Mike Dell

Mark Stockdale 3&2 1
5 Rhys Lawrence 3&2 1 Taylor Sargeant

6 Stuart Bloxham

Lee Hitchcock 2&1 1
7 John Banbury Half 0.5 Ryan Genner Half 0.5
8 Ian Smith

Mark Bazeley 2&1 1
9 Gary Skipp 1up 1 Jamie Milligan

10 Steve Creed 6&5 1 Joe Hyde