Northants Golf

NGL Women's Vets 2nds  match v Cambridgeshire & Hunts

14th April 2023 at Brampton Heath GC

On a cold, blustery and occasionally showery (sometimes hail showers) day on 14th  April 16 intrepid ladies attended Brampton Park for the first 2nd team match of 2023 against Cambs and Hunts Seniors. Fortunately everyone had brought their waterproofs, umbrellas and extra jumpers – they needed them as, at times, it was very cold and very wet. Most of the Ladies had not played the course before so it was a new experience – however several of the Cambs ladies also had not played the course so it was a steep learning curve for most.

The course is not the longest but has a lot of water and position off of the tee is critical particularly on the later holes however, due the weather conditions, the ball was not travelling far and certainly not rolling when it landed and on a few greens putting was delayed whilst the hailstones melted. The ladies battled on and one group came back from a 4 down deficit.

The meal was delicious (especially the home made chips!) and very welcome to the tired ladies at the finish. There was much conversation after the match with phone numbers being exchanged and ladies promising to come and play the course in better conditions. I would particularly like to thank Leo and Marguerite for playing their first match and thank Leo for taking a taxi from Overstone to Brampton due to car problems – that is dedication. I would like to thank Sandy Burgess (President) and Roz Irons (Cambs Senior Captain) for their company and particularly Roz for her hospitality. I apologise to the ladies that didn’t get their chocolate at the 9th.

Karen Hiles

v Cambridgeshire & Hunts

Points Score Points

Julie Edwards

Gina Evans

4&3 1

Stella James

Debra Tweddle


Elaine Mankelow

Helen Marriott

0.5 Half 0.5

Fiona Whitney

Kate Dixon


Janet Lambdon

Cathy Kemp

1 2&1

Helen Gillet

Debbie Wastling


Mary Wetherly

Liz Rees

1 4&3

May Burn

Charlotte Savin


Shirley Swan

Carol Collins

2up 1

Anne Webster

Maxine Bluwitt


Ellen Steel

Marguerite Kraus-Rudder

6&5 1

Terry Otterman

Sally Acton


Liz Waine

Leo davis

5&4 1

Carol Harrison

Tina Michelin


Chris Coles

Mel Steel

1 3&2

Mari Neilmelainen

Trish Esplin

Match Result 3.5

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