Northants Golf

East Midlands and Anglian League Seniors Match v Cambridgeshire

 4th August 2023 at Girton GC

Personally my first visit to Girton and I was very impressed with the course and facilities. As most courses have benefited from this summers growing conditions, Girton was very green, providing good fairways and smooth greens and not too penal rough. I would also like to thank the staff as we were well looked after all day.

It is always confusing to play in a joint Anglian and Midlands fixture however everyone just concentrated on their own game and let the results sort themselves out.

We reversed our traditional poor foursomes form to take a strong lead into the afternoon singles. This good form continued and we also won the singles.

We were particularly strong at the top of the order but picked up points throughout.

I would also wish to thank Jamie Scholey who came into the team as a late substitute.

This sets up a deciding game against Lincolnshire for the Midlands title.

Brendon Moss  

Captain on the day

v Northamptonshire

Foursomes AM Points Score Points

Kevin Diss

Craig Russell

1up q

Ian Hull

Tony Lord


Paul Izzard

Graham Goodman

3&2 1

Ian Wicks

Dominic Ralfs


Terry Ryan

Neil Hughes

4&3 1

Alan Freeman

Brendon Moss


Ken Parsons

Jeremy Baldwin

1up 1

Andy Billson

Andy Castell


Keith Moore

Doug Bottomley

1 2&1

Dennis Mathers

Richard Jackson

Result ( Anglian) 1

Richard Beercroft

Kevin Hayes

2up 1

Roger Butler

Jamie Scholey

Result (Midland) 1


1 Kevin Diss
4&2 1 Ian Wicks
2 Graham Goodman
4&2 1 Dominic Ralfs
3 Paul Izzard
4&3 1 Brendon Moss
4 Craig Russell 1 6&5
Ian Hull
5 Terry Ryan
2up 1 Andy Billson
6 Neil Hughes
2&1 1 Alan Freeman
7 Keith Moore 1 2&1
Andy Castell
8 Ken Parsons
2&1 1 Tony Lord
9 Doug Bottomley 1 5&3
Dennis Mathers
10 Jeremy Baldwin 1 1up
Richard Jackson

Result ( Anglian) 4

Match Result ( Anglian) 5
11 Greg Thomas
1up 1 Roger Butler
12 Dominic Jessup 0.5 Half 0.5 Jamie Scholey

Result (Midland) 4.5

Match Result (Midland) 5.5

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