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East Midlands and Anglian League Seniors Match v Lincolnshire

21st August 2023 at Wellingborough GC

Northamptonshire Seniors final match of the year against Lincolnshire at Wellingborough GC was to be the Midland league decider as well as the final Anglian league match. Northants needing to win the match heavily to take the Midlands title. Lincolnshire fielded their strongest team, so it was a daunting task ahead.

The morning session was foursomes with Northants taking a 3 v 2 lead in the Anglian league and a 3.5 v 2.5 lead in the Midland league with wins from the pairings of Ian Hull & Dominic Ralfs, Brendon Moss & Alan Freeman and Gary Grimmitt & Roger Butler. In the final pairing Greg Thomas & Dominic Jessup secured a half to keep us ahead. We have performed better in the foursomes this year than in previous years and this is something to build upon for next season, hopefully.

The afternoon session was 12 singles matches with Northants needing lots of points!

Ian Hull secured a point in the first match against Lincolnshire’s strongest player Kevin Blow, well played Ian. The next five matches all ended in defeats for the Northants side which meant our chance of the title finally dwindled. Andy Castell secured a half in the next match, before Dennis Mathers, Gary Grimmitt and Roger Butler all won their matches. The final two matches went to Lincolnshire leading to a 7.5 v 7.5 draw in the Anglian league match and a 10 v 8 win to Lincolnshire in the Midland league match.

Congratulations to Lincolnshire on winning this year’s title.

The match was very competitive and played in great spirit. Everyone enjoyed the golf course, the food and excellent service provided by Wellingborough Golf Club.

Our end of season event will be held at Wellingborough GC on Wednesday 18th October and thanks to all those who have confirmed their willingness to attend. Full details and timings will be sent out in due course.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have played in matches this year and hope you have all enjoyed the competitive golf and camaraderie associated with the Northants Seniors Team.

Gary Grimmitt

County Seniors Captain

v Lincolnshire

Foursomes AM Points Score Points

Ian Hull

Dominic Ralfs

1 3&1

Kevin Blow

Darren Fuller


Andy Billson

Andy Castell

1up 1

Tim Seaton

Paul Wharton


Brendon Moss

Alan Freeman

1 2up

Steve Toyne

Jez Woodcock


Dennis Mathers

Tony Lord

3&1 1

Mark Cooke

Colin Nolan


Gary Grimmitt

Roger Butler

1 1up

Terry Bentley

Adrian Allen

Result ( Anglian) 3

Greg Thomas

Dominic Jessup

0.5 Half 0.5

Mike Cardy

Gary Neal

Result (Midland) 3.5


1 Ian Hull 1 1up
Kevin Blow
2 Brendon Moss
2&1 1 Paul Wharton
3 Dominic Ralfs
5&3 1 Darren Fuller
4 Andy Billson
3&1 1 Tim Seaton
5 Alan Freeman
4&2 1 Steve Toyne
6 Tony Lord
2&1 1 Mark Cooke
7 Andy Castell 0.5 Half 0.5 Colin Nolan
8 Dennis Mathers 1 3&1
Jez Woodcock
9 Gary Grimmitt 1 2&1
Terry Bentley
10 Roger Butler 1 1up
Adrian Allen

Result ( Anglian) 4.5

Match Result ( Anglian) 7.5
11 Greg Thomas
3&2 1 Mike Cardy
12 Dominic Jessup
2&1 1 Gary Neal

Result (Midland) 4.5

Match Result (Midland) 8

Captain Gary Grimmitt teeing off the first tee for his afternnon round

Greg Thomas teeing off for the afternoon round

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