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Entrant List for 2024 NGL Stableford Cup Round 1 (36 holes)

80 players have been signed up for this competition as of 7:07 PM Tuesday 16th April

Robert Aarts (Kettering)
Cory Abbott (Rushden Golf Club)
Chris ADAMS (Overstone Park)
Anand Aggarwal (Rushden Golf Club)
Kevin Armstrong (Rushden Golf Club)
Ross ARUNDELL (Overstone Park)
Jamie Ashcroft (Kettering)
S Ashcroft (Kettering)
Kulwinder Bagri (Rushden Golf Club)
A Baker (Kettering)
Arthur Barnard (Overstone Park)
Michael Barnes (Elton Furze)
Stuart Bates (Northampton)
Ian Bell (Northampton)
Peter Bellamy (Peterborough Milton)
Dale Betts (Kingsthorpe)
Ian BLAKELEY (Overstone Park)
Tyson Bond (Elton Furze)
Ian Bosworth (Priors Hall)
Timothy Brown (Rushden Golf Club)
Kevin Bullimore (Priors Hall)
Harry Cadman (Rushden Golf Club)
Andy Clark (Elton Furze)
Kane Costello (Rushden Golf Club)
Chris Crouch (Elton Furze)
Mark Daniel (Rushden Golf Club)
Norman Davis (Kettering)
Ian Dickerson (Rushden Golf Club)
Mark Doody (Peterborough Milton)
Colin Dulson (Priors Hall)
Simon Emery (Rushden Golf Club)
Stuart Emms (Rushden Golf Club)
Gary C FLETCHER (Overstone Park)
Mark FORGE (Elton Furze)
Charlie Fowler (Oundle)
Stanlake French (Overstone Park)
Phil GARDNER (Overstone Park)
James GIBSON (Overstone Park)
David GODWIN (Overstone Park)
Oliver GODWIN (Overstone Park)
Scott Gordon (Priors Hall)
Duncan Hamilton (Northamptonshire County)
Craig Harbisher (Elton Furze)
Gavin Harding (Priors Hall)
Lee HITCHCOCK (Overstone Park)
Joshua HO (Overstone Park)
Richard Hook (Oundle)
Andrew HOPKINSON (Overstone Park)
Samuel Innes (Rushden Golf Club)
Steve Jackson (Kingsthorpe)
Steven Kelly (Rushden Golf Club)
Reece Kirk (Priors Hall)
Mark Lineham (Northamptonshire County)
Jacques Lourens (Oundle)
John MACKLE (Elton Furze)
Alfie Masser (Overstone Park)
James Middleton (Peterborough Milton)
Adrian Miller (Northampton)
Lewis Miller (Overstone Park)
Martin Newman (Priors Hall)
steve nicholls (Peterborough Milton)
James Nunn (Overstone Park)
William NUNN (Overstone Park)
Kieran Pauley (Elton Furze)
Julian Peck (Peterborough Milton)
Stuart Philip (Wellingborough)
Andy Robinson (Kettering)
Simon ROE (Elton Furze)
Daniel Sharp (Rushden Golf Club)
Neil Smith (Wellingborough)
Robert Stevenson (Kettering)
Gavin Symington (Priors Hall)
Mark Thomas (Kettering)
Calum VANGO (Overstone Park)
Jay VIEYRA (Overstone Park)
Adam Walsh (Overstone Park)
D.Bubba WATSON (Overstone Park)
Mark James White (Overstone Park)
Mick WHITMEE (Overstone Park)
Ian Wills (Overstone Park)

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