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Entrant List for 2022 NGL Stableford Cup Round 1

72 players have been signed up for this competition as of 3:45 PM Saturday 13th August

Robert Aarts (Kettering)
Andrew Alexander (Kettering)
Luke Bakermault (Peterborough Milton)
Pete Bellamy (Peterborough Milton)
Dale Betts (Kingsthorpe)
Andrew Billson (Northamptonshire County)
Ian Blakeley (Rushden Golf Club)
Neil Brown (Staverton Park)
Russell Brown (Staverton Park)
Wayne Brown (Staverton Park)
Andy Castell (Northamptonshire County)
Christopher Chapman (Delapre)
Robert Charter (Wellingborough)
Steve Coles (Wellingborough)
Ashley Connolly (Wellingborough)
Jack Cooper (Daventry & District Golf Club)
Jamie Cordiner (Delapre)
Chris Cotton (Staverton Park)
Paul Cranswick (Kingsthorpe)
Brett CRAWFORD (Overstone Park)
Barry Cummins (Brampton Heath Golf Centre)
Danny Davies (Staverton Park)
Gavin Davies (Delapre)
Mark Doody (Peterborough Milton)
Gary Duggan (Brampton Heath Golf Centre)
Stuart Emms (Rushden Golf Club)
Gerry Gait (Delapre)
James GARDNER (Overstone Park)
Andrew Garner (Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club)
Ryan GENNER (Overstone Park)
Neil Goodman (Northamptonshire County)
Tom Goodman (Northamptonshire County)
Sam Goodson (Northamptonshire County)
Dominic Hall (Brampton Heath Golf Centre)
Duncan Hamilton (Kingsthorpe)
Barry Harding (Staverton Park)
David Hawkins (Wellingborough)
Daniel Haynes (Daventry & District Golf Club)
John Hunter (Staverton Park)
Steven -Steve- Jackson (Kingsthorpe)
Malcolm Jones (Staverton Park)
Steve Kempson (Rushden Golf Club)
David Laurence (Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club)
George Magnocavallo (Overstone Park)
Luigi Manganiello (Peterborough Milton)
Bill Marks (Staverton Park)
James Middleton (Peterborough Milton)
Brian Mitcham (Rushden Golf Club)
Joshua Morris (Staverton Park)
Steven Nicholls (Peterborough Milton)
Tom Nickelson (Northampton)
Oliver Penberthy (Northamptonshire County)
Tony Penberthy (Northampton)
Alan Picketts (Delapre)
J Riddle (Kingsthorpe)
Taylor SARGEANT (Overstone Park)
Brian Seal (Delapre)
Neil Sharpe (Wellingborough)
Bob Sheeky (Staverton Park)
Adam Sherlock (Wellingborough)
Peter SKERRETT (Overstone Park)
Nick Smith (Staverton Park)
Adam Taylor (Wellingborough)
Adrian Thompson (Staverton Park)
Anthony Vella (Delapre)
D.Bubba WATSON (Overstone Park)
Mark White (Overstone Park)
Jay WIGGINS (Overstone Park)
Ian Wills (Rushden Golf Club)
Bill wilson-slight (Overstone Park)
Richard Wright (Rushden Golf Club)
Greg Young (Staverton Park)

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