We are pleased to confirm the Northamptonshire Golf Junior Order of Merit dates for 2020.

As a County organisation, we are keen to promote our club's competitions and for playing these gives you a good chance of being spotted by our coaches and subsequently being bought into our various squads and representing your County in our matches against other Counties.

NGL Order of Merit standing Girls - GROSS and NETT

NGL Order of Merit standing Boys - GROSS and NETT

Day Date Competition Venue Entry Form
Friday 10th April - POSTPONED Junior Open

Collingtree Park

Entry details/Results

Saturday 11th April - POSTPONED Junior Open 9 holes Collingtree Park Entry details
Sunday 31st May - MOVED to 17th of August 2020 Junior County Championship Northampton GC Entry details/Results
Monday  3rd August Junior Open Peterborough Milton Entry details/Results
Tuesday 4th August Junior Open Overstone Park Entry details/Results
Thursdayday 13th August  Junior Open Wellingborough Entry details/Results
Monday 17th August  Junior Open Northampton Entry details/Results
Wednesday  19th August Junior Open Cold Ashby Entry details/Results
Wednesday 26th August  Junior Open Northants County Entry details/Results
Sunday 13th September Grand Final Kettering Players Qualified

There will be a gross and nett Order of Merit, with the top 10 boys and top 10 girls in each category qualifying for the Grand Final.

The Order of Merit winners will be determined by the accumulation of points from a players best 4 Junior Open competitions, plus the County Championship and Grand Final. Points are awarded to the top 20 Northamptonshire players (1st place receiving 20 points, 2nd 19 points and so on down to 20th place who receives 1 point). The only exception to this is the Junior County Championship where the top 30 will receive points (1st place receiving 30 points, 29 points for 2nd and so on down to 30th who receives 1). In addition, every player who hands in a completed scorecard will receive 1 point.

If a player finishes in the Top 10 for both Orders of Merit, they will qualify for the Grand Final with their gross Order of Merit performance, and their nett place in the Grand Final will be made available to the next best performing player, for example the player finishing 11th nett.

All 18 hole competitions are played to the Northamptonshire Golf Hard Card plus any local rules of the host club. All competitions will be qualifying competitions unless exceptional conditions prevail on the day.

All Order of Merit Opens consist of 18 holes medal play, from tees chosen by the host club, with handicaps up to 28 for boys and 36 for girls. The Junior County Championship is 36 holes medal play.

There will be no 9-hole Order of Merit in . Instead, all clubs should be holding a 9-hole handicap competition as part of their Junior Open for players of handicap  29 - 54 for boys and 37 - 54 for girls, played from tees as selected by the club. 9-hole competitions will be non-qualifying unless played from a measured course with a valid CSS.

The nett boy and nett girl winner of each Club's 9-hole competition will qualify for the Grand Final. Should the winner have already qualified through an earlier event, the next best placed player who has not already qualified will be awarded the qualifying spot, resulting in 9 boys and 9 girls playing a 9-hole competition at the Grand Final.

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